Reviewing Requirements is easy and fun!

Requirements are never good. But how do you know if they are? Here is a fun and practical way to review them: Your developer will know what to write, your tester will know what to test and your client will get what they wanted

The Solution

Open a Word Document or DOORS, paste your requirements in it, and get an immediate review

Here is a simple example: Simply drag the bar all the way to the right to review the requirement.

What is it really

Fully compliant to the industrial standards (ARP4754A, DO-178B, DO-178C, IEC 61508, Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, …).

All the warnings are sorted by severity to focus on the most important problems.

There are more than 80 pre-defined rules and the opportunity to adapt them to your own standards. Built-in rules are provided for the following common requirements defects:

  • Fuzzy terms
  • Too many co-ordinating conjunctions
  • Too many negatives
  • Passive voice
  • Expressions to avoid
  • Requirements without ‘shall’
  • Multiple requirements per statement
  • Control of the rational
  • Conformity of the structure of sentences
  • Too long requirements
  • Use of unspecified terms
Integrated into your tool-chain | Semios is provided as an add-in for common requirements documentation tools, including IBM Rational DOORS, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, so that it is immediately comfortable and familiar to use.

Easy to use | Semios is as easy to use as your spellchecker. The add-on is integrated into your tools and customised by your team. It requires only a single click to use.

Self improvement | Using Semios for Requirements Verification day after day, your teams will learn what makes a good requirement. The more they use it, the more they will improve their skills at writing well-structured, complete, precise and, above all, testable requirements.

Pretty much this is a tool built by a team of consultants that have spent years supporting the Aerospace Industry in Toulouse, France…

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Want to test it? Send us a file!

Send us a .txt file containing some of your requirements. We will run the tool for you on it and send you back the result.