Holiday Party: Host a Hackathon!

A Question for your next SCRUM meeting?

``Should we have a hacking competition for the Holidays?``

What's a Hackathon?

Everyone will become a hacker for a day! Everyone will get access to the same “target”! Nobody will get arrested!

You can target a Bank, a Retail Website, an HR application, an Android Application, or a Social Media Site. Your goal! Break in! Hack it! Find ways to get in the system. Learn! Have Fun! Compete or work as a team! See in action what you have been talking about! Any level developers or others can do it!

Why? It’s a great team fun! You can self-host the event (with our help), or have a trainer on-site. There are a lot of ways to organize this. 100% Fun guaranteed though!

What does that look like?

Real-Feel Target Application

Hosted Virtual Architecture - Easy Management

Simulated Social Media Hints and Framework Vulnerabilities

“Emenda USA can set up and deliver Hackathons for your team with the participation of trusted and recognized security experts”

Why this is a great idea?

I am a Developer, I want to do this!

Talk to your manager, suggest the idea to your peers!
Contact Emenda USA if you need help pushing the idea!

  • Plunge into the dark world of cyberattacks and view applications through the eyes of a rogue adversary
  • Quickly learn and apply hacking techniques
  • No Risk! It’s all in a sandbox!
  • See in action what everyone is talking about: SQL injection, parameter tampering, and cross-site scripting (XSS), social engineering and cipher cracking puzzles.
  • Work individually and compete head-to-head
  • See 150 vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top Ten, in actions
  • Evaluate what you know, and hack the bank until you get the best score…
  • It’s like an “Escape Room”, only better 🙂


I am a Manager! I want this for my team!

Contact Emenda USA to schedule your hackathon. Hurry up, we are almost booked up for the end of the year!

  • Make your developer think like Hacker: Visit any Hackathon in town and quickly discover that the traditional developer is little exposed to hacking techniques until now!
  • Evaluate the knowledge of your team and see how you can improve your team’s security consciousness
  • Penetration Testing is great, but nothing beats a “hands-on” experience by your own team!
  • Super easy to set up!!! Leave it us… or get involved!
  • Super Fun! Don’t miss an opportunity to increase your team awareness to the security plagues of modern software development and have fun at the same time! Such an opportunity doesn’t knock at your door every day!

Can I afford it?

  • Holiday Party
    • $ 10,000 up to...
      • Same as last year
      • Do we do an open bar? (risk vs. reward)
      • Can we do both?
1st Timer Option
  • 1 Day Hackathon Event
    • $ 30,000 25 Users
      • 1 Day On Site
      • 25 participants included
      • Only $1,200 per participant
      • All required software and VMs
      • Ideal for 1st timer
      • Just pick the day and reserve yours soon!
Your own expert!
  • Hackathon Software & Setup
    • $ 9,000 25 Users
      • Try a new challenge! Good Option for a repeat!
      • 25 participants included
      • All required software and VMs
      • Perfect if you have a security expert that can run it!
  • Do Nothing...
    • $ 1Million per security breach
      • Ooops! I didn’t think of that!
      • Maybe the open bar was a bad idea

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